Sorry I slacked off on posting again so I’m going to give you some highlights!

Phoebe’s 5th Birthday was May 28th and she racked up on presents. I felt guilty buying her treats and toys that she would have to wait for so I had to buy her a just because present lol.

Memorial Day:


I attempted to start walking Phoebe again and she ended up having an allergic reaction to grass I think….thank goodness for Benadryl and itch relief shampoo!! It cleared up after a couple of days and we haven’t had any problems since.


I got some Bob’s by┬áSchechers shoes that have pugs on them and they donate some of the proceeds to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah so it’s a win win!


My co-worker drew me a picture of Mel the Pug from Secret Life of Pets. I can’t wait to see it!


Phoebe and I went to the Secret Life of Pets Event at Petsmart, which was dissapointing because they didn’t have any Mel stuff ­čśŽ Phoebe got some new collars and a new life jacket, which barely fits so she is going to have to lose some weight.


I found a Pug Doodle Book with stickers and a Secret Life of Pets lunch box!

We went to my family reunion for the 4th of July and Phoebe was very patriotic for about 5 min then she got muddy lol. It was hot and my Dad had to pull 3 ticks off of Phoebe but overall we had a great time.