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One Year Blogging Anniversary!!


Yesterday was my one year blogging anniversary wow!!! Thank you to everyone who follows my blog, comments on the posts and follows the Facebook page.

I started this blog because I enjoyed following other pug blogs so much and couldn’t wait for another post that I got this crazy notion that maybe people would enjoy reading about Phoebe and our lives too. I went from asking my close friends to follow me to having 42 followers that I didn’t have to beg ha and over 500 followers on the Facebook page….This blog has turned into more than I ever expected.I have actually went out to do something ┬áto post about because I hadn’t posted in awhile so thanks for making me to not be so lazy ha. No in all seriousness…updating everyone on the books I’m reading, my photography, my life, the recipes I have tried ( bc I really hated cooking and now I kind of enjoy it)….I feel like it has pushed me to be a better me and I thank y’all for that. Ok all the mushiness aside I hope to continue blogging for more years to come and hope y’all stay along for the ride.

In honor of my one year of blogging I decided to revisit the resolutions I made in January to see how I’m doing.

1) Lose weight & start running again- well I am working on getting down from my new all time highest weight but I have recently started running again…so 50/50 on that one I guess

2) Take more pictures & get them organized- I can actually say I have feel like I have done some improvement on this one.

3) Pay off some debt- I have almost paid off one of my student loans and have 3 more debts not including my mortgage to pay off so I’m getting there. I have a plan…thank you Dave Ramsey ha.

4) Eat healthier & cook more- I’ve tried lots of new recipes….meh on eating healthier ha….so another 50/50

5) Travel more-This will definitely be a permanent resolution. This year I have been to Starkville,MS, Spanish Fort, AL, Jacksonville,FL and new parts of New Orleans so I consider that a win.

6) Tackle home improvements- eh not so much unless you count the stuff I have purchased to make it feel more like home.

7) Blog more- Check! 2014 I blogged 33 times and this year 42 times.

8) Be happier- I’m definitely working hard on this one and hopefully some big changes are in store for me.