Products I Like 


I never knew a beauty blender existed until I received an e-mail from tarte. I didn’t want to pay $16 so I ended up finding one at Target for $5 and so far I really like it. I feel like my under eye concealer looks too caked on when I put it on with my fingers but it looks much better using my new beauty blender.

My other awesome Target purchase was cherry scented Batiste dry shampoo. I don’t like how it flaked but that is really the only bad thing I can say about this product. I like the cherry smell and I can actually run my fingers through my hair without that funky dry shampoo feeling. It’s a little expensive for the size of the can but it is well worth it.




Sorry I slacked off on posting again so I’m going to give you some highlights!

Phoebe’s 5th Birthday was May 28th and she racked up on presents. I felt guilty buying her treats and toys that she would have to wait for so I had to buy her a just because present lol.

Memorial Day:


I attempted to start walking Phoebe again and she ended up having an allergic reaction to grass I think….thank goodness for Benadryl and itch relief shampoo!! It cleared up after a couple of days and we haven’t had any problems since.


I got some Bob’s by Schechers shoes that have pugs on them and they donate some of the proceeds to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah so it’s a win win!


My co-worker drew me a picture of Mel the Pug from Secret Life of Pets. I can’t wait to see it!


Phoebe and I went to the Secret Life of Pets Event at Petsmart, which was dissapointing because they didn’t have any Mel stuff 😦 Phoebe got some new collars and a new life jacket, which barely fits so she is going to have to lose some weight.


I found a Pug Doodle Book with stickers and a Secret Life of Pets lunch box!

We went to my family reunion for the 4th of July and Phoebe was very patriotic for about 5 min then she got muddy lol. It was hot and my Dad had to pull 3 ticks off of Phoebe but overall we had a great time.



Weekly Recap #7


I needed to use my Petco rewards before they expired and they had double points on Leaps & Bounds toys so Phoebe got a Park Ranger Moose 🙂 I love their whole camping woodland creatures theme!! I wanted to get her the s’mores toy but it was about as big as she is so that was a no go. 


hanging out with her toys

My friend, her husband, and I finally tried the new Manola Fajita Factory. It was good but I can’t say the same for the margaritas. 

Pineapple Fajita


 Phoebe was lacking motivation and so was I.

     My little guard dog was growling and barking at an unknown intruder lol.

A wren family has taken up residency in my bird house

Another bird made a nest behind my light  

I’m so happy my wisteria has bloomed and for my pug model.  

Sunday morning was a beautiful  morning to have coffee outside.

My friends and I went to the new Cuban place and oh my gosh do they give you a lot of food!

I wanted to get a Cubano sandwich but I felt that was playing it too safe so I went with the Chicken Milanese, which is their version of Chicken Parmesan. It came with black rice and plantains neither of which I have ever had. I normally hate rice but I actually liked the black rice and the plantains.

My friends got Imperial Rice that serves 2 but actually could serve 4!! It has yellow rice, sweet peas, ham, mayonnaise and a cheese top. I tried a few bites and this was delicious as well! I’ll definitely go back!

For dinner I made Cheesy Sausage Tortellini, garlic bread, and crescent rolls filled with Cadbury caramel eggs!

I found out after I had already started making the crescent rolls that I was supposed to use the regular caramel eggs but I used the minis. They were good but there was more crescent roll then chocolate and caramel. Next time I’ll use the correct ones lol.

Weekly Recap #6



How you doing?!

They let us leave work early Friday, which made me happy since I had to drive to my parent’s house for Easter.


snuggled up with Tank since Phoebe was sitting with my dad.


sweet cousins

We did a doggie Easter egg hunt and it was so much fun. I helped Phoebe while my mom helped Tank. They each found four eggs but Tank definitely caught on the quickest.

I made a Carrot Cake Poke Cake for Easter and it was delicious!


The dogs aren’t allowed in my mom’s new chair…Phoebe says the rule doesn’t apply to her


Phoebe with her Easter goodies

I tried to find Merrick’s Easter Brunch in a can but Petco didn’t have it so I ended up getting Kiss Me I’m Irish Stew.


anxiously waiting


you can tell Phoebe is tired of pictures and ready to eat lol.


Mom why does he get to eat his first?!

I gave them each half a can because it was really too big to give them a whole can. Next time I will probably buy one can and split it between them.

  I had a little scare when I went to head back home and my car didn’t want to start. It took 3-4 times to start but after that it cranked fine. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter. 


Weekly Recap #5


Sunday morning I woke up with pink eye so that meant no work or work out for me Monday 😦 I spent the day on my couch reading and watching Netflix with Phoebe.

I made a recipe for a Korean Beef Bowl from Damn Delicious on Pinterest. I have never had Korean Beef so I don’t know what it supposed to taste like but this recipe was pretty good. I’m definitely going to try more of her recipes.

It has rained so much these past few weeks and I’m so tired of it! I didn’t go to my work out Thursday bc of the rain and we had more rain as well as thunder on Friday, which didn’t make Phoebe a happy camper!


P perched on the couch after growling and barking at the thunder

My favorite and couch time with my puglet!

Why did you stop petting me?!

My good friends had a gender reveal/house warming party and they are having….a boy!!

  Hope everyone had a good week!!! 

Weekly Recap #4


I found these awesome anchor sheets at Target!!



There is a wet little buggy in my bed


Playing with her pig



I want up there human right now!!


Phoebe decided that it was time to go to bed so she decided to sabotage my reading by making my book her pillow


Hurry up woman I need my beauty rest


Weekly Recap #3


Phoebe keeping my spot warm


sleepy girl




She wants to know where her sesame chicken plate is?


Can I help you with something mom?



Phoebe laying in her bed while her kennel airs out


my purchases at Books-A-Million



Pug with blue converse sneaker notepad



Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake

This was so good!! I had previously made a similar Blueberry French Toast Casserole that was ok but wasn’t very sweet…well this has the sweetness I wanted.

I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh and squeezed a lemon in the butter instead of lemon zest.Recipe link is here.