Weekly Recap #7


I needed to use my Petco rewards before they expired and they had double points on Leaps & Bounds toys so Phoebe got a Park Ranger Moose 🙂 I love their whole camping woodland creatures theme!! I wanted to get her the s’mores toy but it was about as big as she is so that was a no go. 


hanging out with her toys

My friend, her husband, and I finally tried the new Manola Fajita Factory. It was good but I can’t say the same for the margaritas. 

Pineapple Fajita


 Phoebe was lacking motivation and so was I.

     My little guard dog was growling and barking at an unknown intruder lol.

A wren family has taken up residency in my bird house

Another bird made a nest behind my light  

I’m so happy my wisteria has bloomed and for my pug model.  

Sunday morning was a beautiful  morning to have coffee outside.

My friends and I went to the new Cuban place and oh my gosh do they give you a lot of food!

I wanted to get a Cubano sandwich but I felt that was playing it too safe so I went with the Chicken Milanese, which is their version of Chicken Parmesan. It came with black rice and plantains neither of which I have ever had. I normally hate rice but I actually liked the black rice and the plantains.

My friends got Imperial Rice that serves 2 but actually could serve 4!! It has yellow rice, sweet peas, ham, mayonnaise and a cheese top. I tried a few bites and this was delicious as well! I’ll definitely go back!

For dinner I made Cheesy Sausage Tortellini, garlic bread, and crescent rolls filled with Cadbury caramel eggs!

I found out after I had already started making the crescent rolls that I was supposed to use the regular caramel eggs but I used the minis. They were good but there was more crescent roll then chocolate and caramel. Next time I’ll use the correct ones lol.