Weekly Recap #6



How you doing?!

They let us leave work early Friday, which made me happy since I had to drive to my parent’s house for Easter.


snuggled up with Tank since Phoebe was sitting with my dad.


sweet cousins

We did a doggie Easter egg hunt and it was so much fun. I helped Phoebe while my mom helped Tank. They each found four eggs but Tank definitely caught on the quickest.

I made a Carrot Cake Poke Cake for Easter and it was delicious!


The dogs aren’t allowed in my mom’s new chair…Phoebe says the rule doesn’t apply to her


Phoebe with her Easter goodies

I tried to find Merrick’s Easter Brunch in a can but Petco didn’t have it so I ended up getting Kiss Me I’m Irish Stew.


anxiously waiting


you can tell Phoebe is tired of pictures and ready to eat lol.


Mom why does he get to eat his first?!

I gave them each half a can because it was really too big to give them a whole can. Next time I will probably buy one can and split it between them.

  I had a little scare when I went to head back home and my car didn’t want to start. It took 3-4 times to start but after that it cranked fine. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter. 



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