Personal Record


As most of you know I signed up for a Bootcamp Class back in August and afterwards I signed up for an Athletic Training Class. My main goal was to lose weight obviously but lately I have been able to do things that I could never do, which makes me a lot happier then the number on my scale. I know I’m getting stronger, which pushes me to work even harder in order to meet my goal.

A month ago I decided to try a double leg V-up instead of the usual single leg ones that require more reps than the double so I could save time and complete the workout faster. My coach said something to the effect that she didn’t know I could do them and I responded that I didn’t know either until a few minutes ago ha.

3 weeks ago we had to do 6-8 burpees with a strict push up. I normally do assisted push ups but they were more time consuming and required extra movements so I decided to see if I could manage to do a military push up and I was shocked that I could.

After all this I guess my coach decided that I had been holding out on her ha so she has been pushing me to use a 26 lb kettle bell instead of my normal 18 lb kettle bell. I managed to do a portion of 1 round with the 26 lb and last week I was actually able to complete an entire work out with it. I know that it will take a little getting used to so I’m going to try to use the 26 lb as much as I can but have an 18 lb one on stand by just in case lol.



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