Weekly Recap 


I was off work so I got to hang out with Phoebe and we started our day by grabbing breakfast at Chic Fil A.

After I grabbed lunch with a friend it was time to lounge around, which Phoebe didn’t have a problem with.

I ordered a nerdy pug shirt from Inkopious and it came in this week 🙂 I absolutely ❤ it!


my little sunbather


Can we go to sleep now?!


But I dont want you to go to work!


If you need me I’ll be here

There wasn’t a Saturday workout so Phoebe and I went for a walk. It has been in the 70’s this week so we took the opportunity to hang out in the yard.


tired baby

My ball

I also tried brushing Phoebe’s teeth for the 1st time. I got a finger brush with almond flavored paste on clearance at Petsmart. Phoebe liked licking the paste but she didn’t really like me trying to brush her teeth. She did a lot better than I expected so I’ll just have to stick with it.

Phoebe got a bath after our walk so we got to test out her new Kong Zoom Groom and it is awesome! I cleaned a lot of hair off of it so it definitely works. Phoebe really enjoyed it too…she kept leaning into it and grunting lol.

Afterwards I was allowed to brush her with the furminator while she played with her ball.



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