Weekly Recap 


I was off work so I got to hang out with Phoebe and we started our day by grabbing breakfast at Chic Fil A.

After I grabbed lunch with a friend it was time to lounge around, which Phoebe didn’t have a problem with.

I ordered a nerdy pug shirt from Inkopious and it came in this week 🙂 I absolutely ❤ it!


my little sunbather


Can we go to sleep now?!


But I dont want you to go to work!


If you need me I’ll be here

There wasn’t a Saturday workout so Phoebe and I went for a walk. It has been in the 70’s this week so we took the opportunity to hang out in the yard.


tired baby

My ball

I also tried brushing Phoebe’s teeth for the 1st time. I got a finger brush with almond flavored paste on clearance at Petsmart. Phoebe liked licking the paste but she didn’t really like me trying to brush her teeth. She did a lot better than I expected so I’ll just have to stick with it.

Phoebe got a bath after our walk so we got to test out her new Kong Zoom Groom and it is awesome! I cleaned a lot of hair off of it so it definitely works. Phoebe really enjoyed it too…she kept leaning into it and grunting lol.

Afterwards I was allowed to brush her with the furminator while she played with her ball.



Valentine’s Weekend


I started off the weekend by going to the Saturday workout and it was killer! My friend and I thought it would be easy but we were sadly mistaken!

It was 5 rounds with a 20 min cap. Partner 1: 400 m run while Partner 2 did an amwrap of 15 wall balls and 15 kbs or sit ups

We finished round 4 before time was called so we were close.

Afterwards I took Phoebe to the vet to get her nails trimmed,etc. and I needed to get her some heartguard.

We went for a walk which exhausted the both of us. I’ve been walking a lot more since I’ve been doing these various Fitbit challenges and Phoebe needs to lose weight per her vet so it’s a win win.


no boundaries


nap time with her pig



Valentine’s Day

Phoebe accompanied me to Starbucks so I could try the molten chocolate frappuchino (it’s delicious btw) and we saw an argument. This lady cut this other lady behind us off in the drive thru line so they were honking and yelling at each other….you don’t stand in the way of people’s coffee just saying!

Phoebe wouldn’t cooperate for pictures which I guess she was mad that I hadn’t given her present to her yet.


I went to several different stores before I decided to get her a teal zoom groom and some blue buffalo blueberry yogurt biscuits. She would’ve ended up with a lot more but I just didn’t like a lot of the stuff they had, which is rare!


I did a little shopping for myself, loaded up on candy and gorged myself on Chinese food.

I also rented “The Last Witch Hunter” with Vin Diesel in it. I missed seeing it in the theatre so I figured I’d save it for V-day and it was definitely worth it!!!

President’s Day 

I didn’t have to work today so the phoebster and I ran to Chic Fil A for breakfast. She whined the whole way because I wouldn’t let her sit with me but once the girl at the drive thru gave her a treat I didn’t hear a peep from her ha.

I met a friend for lunch and it has been raining ever since. Perfect weather for book reading and lounging 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

My Brother’s Birthday Weekend


Phoebe and I went walking on the walking track at the bluff. We missed the Mardi Gras Parade the night before but the floats were parked near the bluff so we still got to see some of them.



My mom made a delicious fruit pizza and my brother’s girlfriend brought a cookie cake.


We ordered Mexican and then a bunch of my brother’s friends came over to hang out. My brother’s girlfriend filled my brother’s truck with balloons.