Product Reviews


I’m going to try something a little different and review a few products for y’all. I have recently been trying to try new things, which I normally don’t do because I usually don’t end up liking it then I’m stuck with it lol. I probably won’t be cranking out very many of these posts but when I try something new here and there I will definitely let y’all know what I think 🙂

 I have been looking for a good shampoo to switch to and everyone has been raving about Aragon oil so I decided to try OGX Aragon oil shampoo.  I’m going to be honest I really wanted to try it because the bottle looked neat and I liked the color. I don’t think I will buy this again. I don’t know what I was thinking buying a shampoo with oil in it when I struggle trying to prevent my hair from being so greasy all the time. If you have oily hairlike me definitely don’t try this but it may work out for other hair types. It does smell good and makes my hair really soft so there’s that in the pro column.

Next up is International Delights Frosted Sugar Cookie Creamer. I tried it with a really strong coffee the 1st time and I couldn’t really get the flavor (I don’t think I poured enough either) but I tried it with a light roast coffee the next day and it was delicious!

Finally Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Pulled Pork. Omg this stuff is good! I had this on King’s Hawaiin Honey Rolls and ended up eating 3 of them. I was skeptical bc it was more than half of what the other 16 oz tubs of pulled pork cost, but I’m a believer now. It is very convenient for a quick easy meal during the week.



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