This is Halloween


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! They moved our trick or treating hours to Friday because of the bad weather we had yesterday so I ran around running last minute errands Friday. 

I went to get extra candy because I didn’t think I had enough…turns out I was wrong! I will be returning 4 bags that I didn’t open. I was very disappointed with the trick or treaters turn out.

Next I picked up some donuts and went through Starbucks to get a Frappula Frappuchino. The lady at Starbucks made my day! She was rocking her Halloween jewelry, when I pulled up she said “you had the frappula frappuchino” in her best Dracula voice, and then she told me to have a great Halloween.

Next up I had to carve my pumpkin and I chose to carve a werewolf in a cemetery.

I had to make some wire pieces for my styrofoam headstones out of a coat hanger.

It wasn’t long before it was time to put in my costume to pass out candy and afterwards my friends and I went to the ZooBoo. It was so much fun! They had a haunted trail, workers bringing out reptiles for you to pet, shows, train rides and so much more.


passing out candy in my broken china doll costume


concession area


baby gators!


display on the train ride


my friends and I on the train

Last night we went to a friends Halloween party and it was so much fun!


The creepy kids


me playing in the fog machine



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