Weekly Workout


5 Rounds                                               5 Rounds
1) 5 shoulder press.                             200 m run
2) 8 last lunge.                                       20 kbs
3) 1 min plank.                                      10 hr pushups
                                                                 40 mountain climbers
                                                                 30 sit ups

We did 6 min rounds

1) 8 sumo deadlift high pull
2) 8 jump squats

1) 8 push ups
2) 8 sit ups

1) burpees

1) 25 m down and back

I am proud to announce that I was finally able to do a jump squat!!!

This was a partner workout that lasted 25 min
400 m run
10 thrusters
10 push ups

This one was rough but my partner and I completed about 4 Rounds.

We warmed up by rowing/biking

We did a tabatta workout
8 Rounds of squats then we did 8 Rounds of various planks. We did forearm planks, 2 sets of push up planks, 4 sets of side planks, and a set of salute planks

The actual workout consisted of (3) 7 min rounds


50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Double unders (if you did singles then you had to do 3 times as much)
Sit ups


20, 15, 9



10 cal on the rower
10 wall balls
10 hr push ups


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