Phoebe’s Vet Visit


We got there pretty early so we waited awhile, which made Phoebe pretty antsy but she eventually settled down.


Mom if you turn the car around I promise I’ll be a good girl!


Let me out of here!


not a happy camper


Fine I’ll sit down


Might as well take a nap while I’m here

The vet technician came in and asked a few questions, which the only thing that changed is the food I give her. (Switched from Beneful to Science Diet Grain Free Salmon). I’m probably going to change her to Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Salmon & Whitefish because it scored a 4 on It is grain free, reasonably priced and they have some brands that don’t have any chicken in it (I think P may be allergic).
She went to pick up Phoebe to take her to get her vaccinations and Phoebe decided to climb up her shoulder and spazz out. She’s like Phoebe don’t scratch me I’m trying to be nice to you and carry you. She asked Phoebe if she wanted her to put her down and Phoebe finally calmed down so it was off to the back for them.

The vet said he didn’t see anything wrong that she is extremely healthy and her heart sounded really good. He also said her teeth are in really good shape for her age 🙂 proud pug mom right here! He did say she had some wax build up in her right ear so I should clean them every day for the next 5 days. He said she she was such a happy dog that he wished some of her happiness would rub off on him because she seemed happy about everything. I told him yeah except when it comes to getting her nails trimmed ha. He said all pugs feel that way about getting their nails trimmed not just her ha.

The vet technician came in to give me a copy of her paperwork and told me she really is a good dog! She sat through her vaccinations no problem and didn’t whine at all. I love that everyone at the vet’s office loves Phoebe just as much as I do! I definitely made the right choice in picking them to take care of my baby 🙂


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