Day 2 & Day 3 of A.T.


Day 2

We warmed up with a 400m run and stretching as usual. We did 5 rounds of 8 movements for 45 seconds. The movements were kettlebell swings, sit ups, line hops, step ups, ring rows, jump squats, push ups and a cone run. This work out was rough especially since we didn’t get a break until after the 3rd round. I also tripped when I stepped in a hole and got chased by a bee, which definitely helped me run faster on my cone run lol.

Day 3

This workout wasn’t so bad because it was a partner workout. Partner 1 worked on the movement while partner 2 did a cone run and when partner 2 returned then you switched. We had to do 80 kettlebell swings, 80 Kong slams, 80 lateral lunges, 80 goblet squats, 80 sit ups, and 80 clings. We never did lateral lunges or clings in boot camp so our coach had to show us how to do them and surprisingly we did well on them.

I fell in another hole during the workout and my ankle was hurting the next day when I moved it a certain way so I decided not to go to the Saturday workout. I could’ve rowed instead of running but I felt it was best to stay off of it so I wouldn’t injure my ankle more and end up missing more work outs.


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