Final Day Of Boot Camp


This workout was by far one of the worst because today we used…kettlebells!

We warmed up as usual.

The 1st set consisted of 3 cone runs and 15 kettlebell swings
The 2nd set was 10 deadlifts w kettlebells and 10 sit ups
The 3rd set was 10 thrusters w/ kettlebells and 5 burpees

My partner and I started on the 2nd set and my legs were shaking afterwards. After that my legs were on fire for every movement and my left knee was hurting during the run. I’m sure I’m going to be extremely sore tomorrow lol. This workout made me wonder what I got myself into since the A.T. class uses kettlebells a lot but I’m going to stick with it.

I measured myself after Tuesday’s workout and so far I’ve lost 1 inch in my waist, 2 inches in my stomach, 1 inch in my hips, and an inch in my legs.


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