Labor Day Weekend


It’s been a very productive weekend. I finished the tv series Rules of Engagement and started watching season 4 of Once Upon A time. I got some cleaning and errands done as well as a bunch of reading.

I’ve been reading my Kindle First books that I get free each month and I finished “The Mermaid’s Sister” by Carrie Anne Noble. It’s about this girl Clara and her sister that is turning into a mermaid so she as well as a friend try to bring her back to the ocean while facing several obstacles. I have been zooming through my kindle books and they have all been so good except one…I’ll get to that one.

I think the last book I mentioned in one of my previous post was “The Dead Key” by D.M. Pulley and I highly recommend that everyone read it! It switches from past to current time between the two main characters that are trying to solve the mystery going on at a bank.

After the mermaid book I read “It Had To Be Him” by Tamra Baumann. It’s a romance that takes place in a small town that the main character runs back because she thinks her ex is trying to take their child away from her. This book had me laughing one minute to hating other characters to tearing up then back to laughing again.

Next I read “Boundary Crossed” by Melissa Olson. It is about this girl Lex who saves her infant niece from being kidnapped by vampires only to later find out that she is a witch. It isn’t your typical werewolf, vampire, and witch story. I found the novella “Malediction” that goes in between this book and the 2nd book…it actually links to another series (Scarlett Bernard series) that I definitely plan on reading as well. It was only 64 pages so I flew through that one. The 2nd book “Boundary Lines” isn’t going to be released until Oct. and I can’t wait to read it as well.

I started reading “Queen of The Trailer Park” by Alice Quinn and I just couldn’t get into it. It’s about this girl who lives in a trailer park in France with her 3 kids and her cat. Her friend  and infant son disappears so she acquires the friend’s other kid and has this thing going on with the cop investigating her friend’s disappearance until she finds he has something to do with it. I only got 85 pages in until I gave up because it just wasn’t interesting to me.

Then I started on “A Dark Lure” by Loreth Anne White. I’m not close to being done but I think I will be shortly because it seems really good. It’s about this girl who is tortured by a serial killer and gets away so she changes her name then moves away. The serial killer is back and he wants to finish the job. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

I met up with my friend in my boot camp class this morning to work on our homework assignment. We warmed up like we usually do by stretching and running 200 m. We then ran 30 m, did 10 sit ups and 15 air squats. After finishing the homework we decided that we should do some push ups, planks, lunges and a final 200 m run. After I got home I decided to take Phoebe on a short walk to loosen up after the workout….I’m a masochist I know.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day as well,


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