Boot Camp Day 7 & 8


Day 7

We did burpees, v-ups, suicides, and planks.

After last Saturdays workout I emailed my coach and told her that I would like to join her Athletic Training Class after the Boot Camp Class is over with. It’s like the Boot Camp Class except we will use kettlebells and free weights. She said she only had 4-6 openings so I knew I needed to decide quickly.

Day 8

We warmed up with a 400 meter run and stretches.

We had 3 workouts that each lasted 7 min. They also started and ended with a 200 m run. We had to do burpees, reverse lunges, jump squats, walk me downs, flutter kicks, v-ups, push ups, and line hops.

Let me tell you this workout was rough!!! I’m not sure if it was because I was exhausted or because it was so hot or both.

So far I’ve lost 12 lbs total and 4 since I started the boot camp!


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