Saturday Workout


The Saturday workout kicked my butt literally….I fell down during the warm up doing butt kicks. The tip of my shoe hit the turf coming down and next thing I know I’m falling and a guy is asking me if I’m ok. I told him yeah but I started to say I’m fine but my pride isn’t ha.

It was another partner workout so I teamed up with the girl from my boot camp class that I partnered with last weekend. We had to do a 2400 m run….she has bad knees so she rowed her 1200 and I ran mine. We also had to do 100 kettle bell swings, 100 squats, 100 hand release push ups, 100 kong throws 100 sit ups and you guessed it another 2400 m run. Our coach for boot camp was teaching the class and she told us we could just row for 1200 m instead of the 2400 m run.

It was pretty rough trying to walk after that and my hamstring was pretty tight afterwards but that was nothing compared to how sore I am today. On top of being super sore I cheated on my paleo diet unintentionally. I ordered a sushi roll that was supposed to be wrapped in soy paper and a ginger salad but when I got home I found that the sushi was wrapped all in rice!! I feel really bad especially since I didn’t lose too much weight after yesterday’s brutal workout but I wasn’t going to waste it just because they didn’t make it like their description said.

The toughest part other than the workout is not having sushi, cheeseburgers, mayo and bread! I can live without all the other unhealthy things! I know paleo should be easy since it’s meat, fruit and vegetables but I’ve had the worst time finding recipes that I actually like. I made a cabbage dish that had turkey sausage and it was ok the first couple times then I had to struggle to get it down the next time. I’ve made 2 batches of ranch dressing: one w/ plain greek yogurt and the other w/ plain yogurt and I hated both! I also hated the chicken salad I made with plain yogurt. It hasn’t been all bad though…the broccoli slaw salad w/ asian dressing recipe I found was good, eating chicken salad on cucumber slices instead of bread wasn’t bad, eating more grilled fish definitely hasn’t been bad, tuna fish salad on apple slices sounds weird but it was actually pretty good, and I love vanilla almond milk!!! I don’t know maybe if I actually stuck with a plain meat entree and a side of vegetable I would actually be losing more weight but I can’t eat boring food.


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