Boot Camp Day 4/Saturday Workout


The workout ended up getting cut short due to lightning.

We started out with 8 rounds of push ups and planks, which was brutal. I was still so sore from Tuesday’s workout so it was really hard to hold the planks. We had just started on the jump squats when the lightning started.

We would’ve done burpees next. The next round would’ve consisted of sit ups, russian twists and flutter kicks.

I guess it worked out since my friends ended up grilling so I was able to hang out with them. They cooked chicken, steaks, rice and I brought some boudin. I can’t have rice so I was only able to eat the chicken and steaks.

I was kinda bummed that we didn’t get to finish the work out so when I heard they were having a Saturday workout I decided to go. It was pretty difficult but I felt so good afterwards. My friend and his wife went as well as 2 girls from my boot camp class. I paired up with Amanda from my boot camp class.

We did a 400 meter run, 500 meter row and some stretches for the warm up. We had to do a set of squats, hand relea se push ups then a 200 meter run or 1 minute on the bike. Then we would move on to a lower number of the same movements followed by a 200 meter run. After the sets were done we had to complete a 1500 meter row with the help of our partner of course. We didn’t complete the workout before time was called but I was on 1,178 meters so we were close so I was still proud.

My friends and I met up at Smoothie King for a post workout smoothie. I couldn’t have my usual since it had fruit juice in it so I went with a smoothie named after the boot camp gym.

I played some fetch with Phoebe until she was tired and I felt so bad because our neighbor’s dog wanted to play so bad!


She won't even let go of the ball when she has to pee lol.

She won’t even let go of the ball when she has to pee lol.


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