Boot Camp Day 2


Well I was having the worst day ever ! I didn’t know you were supposed to eat when taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil so I got really sick then work was absolutely awful. I went to pay my water bill and they had already closed down then I spilled water everywhere trying to fill up my water bottle. When I slammed the fridge door the racks in the door came out of place so when I opened the door a jar of jalapeño and orange marmalade broke on my floor. I was ready to scream and eat a cheeseburger! I’m an emotional eater can’t you tell.

I went to my boot camp class and I felt so much better! I ended up not eating the cheeseburger either ha. A girl that I graduated high school with was there so it was nice to see a familiar face.

We did a tabata workout that consisted of push ups, squats, suicide run, and burpees (sit ups). Then we did bicycle crunches, sit ups, planks and v-ups.

I’m definitely planning on doing the next level class after this boot camp is over with because I believe I’m addicted now ha.


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