Blogging Hiatus/2nd week in Starkville


Sorry I haven’t been blogging but I’ve just been exhausted  and just trying to get back in the swing of things after not being home for what feels like a month. Please excuse the multiple post as I play catch up.

The day before we left for Starkville I took the pictures for my friend’s wedding in his hometown, which is about an hour away.

I returned to Starkville for the final week of class and I’m happy to report that I made a 96 on my test. I wasn’t as nervous the second week and actually convinced my co-worker to try some restaurants that we don’t have in Hattiesburg.

We tried Umi, which is a Japanese restaurant and it was pretty good. They had a bunch of different bobble heads at the front counter including a pug!!! Sadly they didn’t have it in stock 😦

We also tried the Staggered In, which had an awesome philly cheesesteak!


The day before the test we ate at Bin 612 and I had the Southwest Burger. It was amazing! It had pepper jack cheese,lettuce,tomato,red onion, avocado and garlic aioli on focaccia bread! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture of it because I was out of memory on my phone.


The fountain before Bin 612

Some other interesting things that happened while we were in Starkville: getting rear ended in the work vehicle, Phoebe breaking off her leash and Phoebe actually getting in her kennel before she needed to.

We were headed back to the hotel when I had to slow to almost a complete stop as the truck in front of me turned into a shopping center….next thing I know we were rear ended. The guy’s windshield was smashed up to his windshield and his engine fluids were leaking out so he had to get someone to pick up his car because it wasn’t drivable. There wasn’t much damage to the work vehicle and thankfully everyone was ok, but it’s an awful feeling to wreck a car that isn’t yours even if it wasn’t your fault.

One day during our lunch break I took Phoebe outside to do her business and I snapped her leash to the first thing I could because she wouldn’t stop turning in circles. Well that first thing was the loop for her i.d. tag so when she pulled it snapped! Thankfully there weren’t any cars coming and she ran straight to one of my classmates. If you ever have to purchase a new loop for an i.d. tag they have a multi pack in the oil change station in Walmart…just f.y.i. so you don’t have to walk all over Wal-Mart like I did.

I tried not to take it personally because Phoebe was probably tired like me but several days she would go lay down in her kennel way before she had to, which kind of hurt my feelings lol.


Another afternoon when I took her outside to do her business she would not stop barking at this man and his boxer….I’m talking bouncing backwards as she arrooed (it’s a pug thing) at them. She has never reacted that way towards any dog….big or small! I apologized to the guy and walked Phoebe towards the opposite end of the grass.

I definitely enjoyed my time in Starkville and I definitely think I will go back.


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