I had a lot of shopping to do today after work. I went to get my mom’s Mother’s Day present then decided to check out the bookstore and ended up finding this book that I have been wanting to read called “Oogy” in the bargain priced section for $2.97! It’s about a dog that is forced to fight in a dog fighting ring and becomes disfigured as a result. He is eventually adopted and the book is about his life with his new family. I’ll let y’all know what I think once I read it.

Then it was off to Petsmart to use Phoebe’s Birthday coupon at Petsmart…her birthday is May 28th. I ended up getting her the purple collar I saw when I bought her blue collar last week. Here is a picture of her birthday presents…the Blue Buffalo treats are not part of her present btw.

 They were already putting out the Blue Buffalo 4th of July treats, which is weird but Phoebe needed some more night night biscuits so I got them. I gave her one when I got home and they are so cute! 


I had to run in Target to get a few essentials and I stopped at the Starbucks inside to try the new S’mores Frappuchino….it is delicious!! I’ll definitely be going back for another one soon!

coffee and a good book

I’m so happy because my Marigold seeds have started sprouting!

My Citronella plant is spreading out so I’m really glad I decided not to plant my Basil seeds next to it.

Against my better judgement I got on the scale this morning and I was up almost 4lbs! I just figured with all the walking I did in Jacksonville that it would be ok but no one likes to watch what they eat on vacation anyways. I’m definitely going to start running again and taking Phoebe on walks to lose some poundage.


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