Spa Day


After all that rain the last couple of weeks Phoebe smelt like ….well a wet dog so she needed a bath especially since our trip is coming up. I gave her a bath, towel dried her then blow dried her. Here are some pics and video of that…

Don't forget my pin wheel

Don’t forget my pin wheel


Ok I'm over this

Ok I’m over this


Are we done?

Then it was time for the hard part…..putting lotion on her paws, cleaning her wrinkles and her ears. We played a nice game of chase the puglet around the house but I finally caught her so I could put the lotion on her paws. Phoebe hates for her feet to be touched! She has gotten a lot better about letting me clean her wrinkles and ears but I still have to bribe her with treats. I felt guilty for making her endure it all once so I also gave her a whimzee.

Phoebe with her gator whimzee

Phoebe with her gator whimzee

She crashed after that

She crashed after that

Until I started eating of course lol.

I too enjoy tacos!

I too enjoy tacos!

This morning everything seemed to go wrong but it eventually got better. I ran a bunch of errands today including going to Petsmart….twice! I got the best deal on a new collar for Phoebe that I’ve been wanting for awhile. It’s a Martha Stewart collar, which was normally $13 and I got it for $3.47!! The cashier was shocked too then I told her I had been watching it and she said it was meant to be. I completely agree and I’ve been lucky catching them on sale because I got a different Christmas themed Martha Stewart collar on sale too. I also wanted to get Phoebe a cheap I.D. tag just in case she got lost on our trip even though she has a microchip. She has an adorable I.D. tag but she kept breaking the charm off and eventually I lost the big ring to it. I got a clip so she could wear her old one but I figured just to be on the safe side I better get a new I.D in case it didn’t work….it did! I had already engraved the new I.D. tag so she will have a back up one. I realized I bought a small collar instead of a medium so that is why I had to go back to Petsmart.


The new clip w/ Phoebe's old I.D. tag

The new clip w/ Phoebe’s old I.D. tag

Modeling her new collar

Modeling her new collar


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