Busy Weekend


I’m not sure if I mentioned that I gave up fast food for Lent but Friday I ate Hardee’s for the first time since Lent ended….it was amazing!!!

Bacon Cheese Thickburger Combo

Bacon Cheese Thickburger Combo

I missed Hardee’s and Chic-Fil-A the most!!! I treated myself to a chicken mini combo yesterday for breakfast as well.

I gave up bread for Lent two years ago and last year I gave up rice, pasta and potatoes….I’m a masochist I know!!!

I found this post-it on my office manager’s desk and couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.

don't order NO office Equip until New Budget is what it says

don’t order NO office Equip until New Budget is what it says

Saturday I started cleaning at 5:30 then I ran to Walmart and then I went to a local fruit stand. I have to tell myself to calm down when I go in there because otherwise I could do some serious damage to my bank account. They had beautiful petunias, hydrangeas, geraniums, and citronella plants. I had to resist the candy, muscadine jelly, homemade salad dressings, cane syrup, and dried green beans with sea salt….but I will definitely be going back soon to get those items. I ended up purchasing 2 citronella plants and a bag of banana walnut granola 🙂


my breakfast this morning...banana walnut granola and honey flavored greek yogurt.

my breakfast this morning…banana walnut granola and honey flavored greek yogurt.

I stopped by Lowe’s to look at their flowers and ended up with a buggy full but once again had to resist buying everything by telling myself that I could come back for the other items later.


After that I went to Target to get some travel sized items for my upcoming trip to Jacksonville, FL and to check out the Easter clearance.

I didn't realize it was missing an egg until I got home but it was $1.50 on clearance plus I can probably fix it.

I didn’t realize it was missing an egg until I got home but it was $1.50 on clearance plus I can probably fix it.


I’m ❤ ing the lemon eos chapstick with spf 15!! I was ecstatic when I saw that they still had easter eggs because I want to hide treats in them next Easter for Phoebe. Thanks to ThisPugLife and Lola Pug for the idea. Check out their blog for a dose of pug cuteness!!!

Then I went to Chic-Fil-A for some breakfast as I previously mentioned and then it was back home to pick up Phoebe so I could bring her to the vet.

Phoebe needed to have her glands done, nails trimmed and to get her Bordatella vaccine. I also picked up her Heartguard while we were there. I’m pleased to report that Phoebe officially weighs 19.4 lbs so she only has 1.4 lbs to lose until she is at the weight her vet wants her to be at. Phoebe gained a new admirer….a dog named Rascal who so desperately wanted to play with Phoebe and she could have cared less….little pug snob.

Then it was a quick trip back to Walmart after realizing I needed some more potting soil and a shovel for my marigold flower bed project.


Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

English Ivy

English Ivy

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Glory Blue Hydrangeas

Glory Blue Hydrangeas

I bought the first three plants specifically because they are supposed to reduce toxins in the air and then I found out they are all toxic to dogs so I don’t know where I’m going to put them in my house. I did put the Aloe Vera plant on the kitchen counter so Phoebe can’t reach it.


The space before I planted the Marigolds

Farmer pug inspecting the progress

Farmer pug inspecting the progress

The space afterwards

The space afterwards

I planted marigold seeds behind the marigolds that have already bloomed. I have never planted any plants from seeds but I must say that marigolds have the weirdest seeds so hopefully I planted them correctly.

Phoebe enjoying the sunshine.

Phoebe enjoying the sunshine.

Phoebe snoring during one of my little breaks from planting flowers.

Some of you may remember that I had to replace my sewage line awhile back. After we had a lot of rain it created a hole in my yard so I used the excess dirt from the Marigold flower bed to cover it up.





Long story short the city took over the curbside recycling program that WastePro used to handle (for free) and decided to charge for the service while removing the drop off bins so you couldn’t recycle without paying them….which made me angry so I chose not to pay the recycling fee. WastePro hasn’t picked up their recycling bin so I decided to put it to good use and use it as a planter.


Citronella plants

After that it was pretty much dinner time and then nap time for Phoebe and I.


Phoebe and I sat outside to finally enjoy all my hard work this morning.

But first coffee

But first coffee



bird watching

bird watching


We found out about the Get Tough Campaign thanks to Andrea, Pug, and Molly at ThisPugLife so we got our free toolkit and signed the petition asking the Dept. of Justice to prosecute more dog fighting cases.

Phoebe <3's her pit bull cousin Tank so she wants you to Get Tough on Dog Fighting!

Phoebe <3’s her pit bull cousin Tank so she wants you to Get Tough on Dog Fighting!

This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart since my brother has owned several pit bulls and still does. No animal should have to suffer this way and even if they aren’t forced to fight they are forced to bear the bad wrap of being vicious because of dog fighting.

I also encourage you to read the book called the ” The Lost Dogs” by Jim Gorant, which is about the dogs that were rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring to see what these poor dogs went through.


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