Little Stinker


Well Thursday my best friend Keely sent the most beautiful blue flowers to my work !



Then I went to get some new running shoes and ended up getting the Aisics nimbus 16’s because I need maximum support since I have a high arch. The store has a machine that tells you about your foot and where you put the most pressure in order to find out what kind of shoe you need. They had flyers for an 5k in April so I guess I’m going to sign up for that. I would like to be able to run the whole time but I’ve decided that as long as I finish it I will be proud of myself.

My new running shoes

Friday I went for a run to try out my new shoes and left Phoebe out since I wouldn’t be gone too long. I came back to discover that she got on the table and ate a pretty much full bag of her blue buffalo treats!! Needless to say she was in big trouble and tried looking pitiful afterwards.

She had the nerve to beg for her night night biscuit when we went to sleep!

I ended up going Sunday to get her some more blue buffalo treats to replace the ones she ate Friday but couldn’t find the ones I normally get until I had checked out because they were behind the register lol. I ended up getting these and so far Phoebe seems to like them….which she isn’t exactly picky to begin with lol.


Phoebe with her Valentine’s treat


I had to give Phoebe her heart guard and comfortis today. I crushed up her comfortis and mixed it in with some Blue Buffalo Boo Stew, which she <3'ed!! I however am not loving the gas she has had today lol. She normally eats dry food so getting wet food is rare and that is to be expected but it's pretty bad!

We went for a walk today to try to break in my running shoes since my feet and shin splints were killing me on my run Friday. Then I started cleaning and walked into my room to find this lazy bum

She was worn out


I started watching the show Salem and ended up finishing the whole first season! I’m excited to see what happens in the second season. I also got a chance to catch up on Pretty Little Liars ❤ that show.


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