Early Valentine’s


So I’ve been meaning to post this since last weekend but it’s been crazy. I went to the China Buffet to get my sushi/Chinese fix and afterwards decided to go in Petco since it’s next door. I got Phoebe an early Valentine’s present which was a new pack of tennis balls and a pig. The pig is supposed to be chew proof so I bought it just to see bc Phoebe is pretty destructive when it comes to stuffed animals. So far she’s ripped a wing off and that’s it.



I got Franklin some sludge remover to keep his tank clean. They had one of those log ramps that you can stick to the side but I decided I would have to come back for that bc I couldn’t decide between a medium or a large.



Phoebe’s face when I started cleaning the grout again this past Saturday.



This girl and her tennis ball!!

Noticed this new Skinny Cow coffee drink near the milk when I was grocery shopping and it is delicious!!! Going to try the other favors asap!!

Phoebe snuggling with her pig.

Phoebe’s Tuesday face looks about as bad as her Monday face lol


Saw this and I just about died from laughter bc it’s so true! I stopped trying to clip Phoebe’s a long time ago.

It’s been raining most of the week but I managed to go running Monday and today. I started on week 2 of the c25k app.

I made like loaded fries and they were awesome!


I plan on making teriyaki pork chops this weekend and a croissant omelet casserole this weekend so stay tuned.


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