Tiramisu Latte vs. Tiramisu Frappuchino


Tiramisu is my absolute favorite dessert so when I found out that Starbucks had tiramisu coffee I had to have it!! I tried to get up early and get there before work this week with no such luck 😦

Yesterday Phoebe and I ventured out to get the tiramisu latte.


It didn’t have the tiramisu flavor I was expecting but don’t get me wrong it was still good. I decided that I would go back tomorrow to get the frappuchino.

The frappuchino is delicious!!! It tastes way more like tiramisu so it’s definitely the winner!

It’s been gloomy all weekend so P and I have stayed inside for the most part. I caught up on some shows in Netflix….About A Boy then started watching Diners,Drive-ins, and Dives. I expect to finish Clash of Kings today so it will be on to Storm Swords the third book of the Game of Thrones series. My friend is supposed to let me borrow Season 1-3 of the Tv Show so I’m pretty excited about that as well.

Phoebe really wanted some of my boudin.




She’s so lazy



So far Phoebe has only managed to smoosh her pig’s eyeball and tear off a wing so maybe it will end up being as durable as they claim.


Little Stinker


Well Thursday my best friend Keely sent the most beautiful blue flowers to my work !



Then I went to get some new running shoes and ended up getting the Aisics nimbus 16’s because I need maximum support since I have a high arch. The store has a machine that tells you about your foot and where you put the most pressure in order to find out what kind of shoe you need. They had flyers for an 5k in April so I guess I’m going to sign up for that. I would like to be able to run the whole time but I’ve decided that as long as I finish it I will be proud of myself.

My new running shoes

Friday I went for a run to try out my new shoes and left Phoebe out since I wouldn’t be gone too long. I came back to discover that she got on the table and ate a pretty much full bag of her blue buffalo treats!! Needless to say she was in big trouble and tried looking pitiful afterwards.

She had the nerve to beg for her night night biscuit when we went to sleep!

I ended up going Sunday to get her some more blue buffalo treats to replace the ones she ate Friday but couldn’t find the ones I normally get until I had checked out because they were behind the register lol. I ended up getting these and so far Phoebe seems to like them….which she isn’t exactly picky to begin with lol.


Phoebe with her Valentine’s treat


I had to give Phoebe her heart guard and comfortis today. I crushed up her comfortis and mixed it in with some Blue Buffalo Boo Stew, which she <3'ed!! I however am not loving the gas she has had today lol. She normally eats dry food so getting wet food is rare and that is to be expected but it's pretty bad!

We went for a walk today to try to break in my running shoes since my feet and shin splints were killing me on my run Friday. Then I started cleaning and walked into my room to find this lazy bum

She was worn out


I started watching the show Salem and ended up finishing the whole first season! I’m excited to see what happens in the second season. I also got a chance to catch up on Pretty Little Liars ❤ that show.

Cooking Up A Storm


This morning I made Croissant Omelet Breakfast Casserole

It was so good!!! I swear I could’ve eaten the whole 13×9 pan!!!

Phoebe and I went for a walk then I gave her a bath. I rubbed her paws down with the Burt’s Bees paw and nose lotion…which she hated but it had to be done. It stinks pretty bad but hey as long as it works I don’t care.

I cooked Teriyaki Pork Chops for dinner and corn with rotel tomatoes.






Phoebe trying her hardest to get dirty again after her bath.

Shopping Is Hard Stuff!


Last night I worked my normal 8-5 then worked 5:30-9:30 as an usher at the monster truck show for some extra $$.






My back and feet were killing me but coming home to this face makes it worth it.


Took Phoebe to the vet today to get her nails trimmed and her glands done plus I needed some more heart guard so I felt like she deserved a trip to Petsmart afterwards. Phoebe got to see another pug while we were at the vet 🙂

I haven’t taken her to Petsmart in months bc she would stop as soon as we walked in bc she knew the register is where they give her treats then when we would check out she would refuse to budge so the cashier would end up giving her three treats. She got two treats today and I had to pick her up to get her out of there but otherwise she was good.

I got her some more blue buffalo (the mini heart training treats) salmon treats and the blue buffalo banana flavored mini biscuits. I use the biscuits as her night night treats and she gave me the saddest looking face the other night when I told her they were all gone. She’s like what do you mean I’m out of night night biscuits!! I also got her some burt’s bees nose and paw lotion and a teeth cleaning kit. This month is dental awareness month for pets so I’m told so I figured we would give it a try even though I think it’s going to go over about as well as bathing a cat. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

The Hub City Humane Society was at Petsmart asking for supplies, donations and they had a few pets there that were up for adoption. I bought a few cans of wet food to donate as well.

Then we were on our way home.


I picked up some sushi for lunch and watched Dracula Untold that I got yesterday. Oh my gosh it was so good!!! I would classify it as an action movie because it’s not scary at all. The storyline was interesting and the battle scenes were really good as well.

Baked salmon roll and dynamite roll

Phoebe and I took a nap after the movie and we have pretty much been lazy ever since.


Going to try to read some “Game Of Thrones” tonight but Season 2 of Bates Motel is on Netflix and I also bought the horror movie Ouija lol. I’m also reading “The Shining” as well as “Pride and Prejudice” at the moment then I bought a kindle book called “The Whit And Wisdom Of Gracie:An Opinionated Pug’s Guide To Life”. I also get a free kindle book a month with my prime membership but this month they let me pick two and I haven’t even started on last month’s book…..there aren’t enough hours in the day. If I could get paid to drink coffee, hang out with my pug, travel to take pictures, read books and watch movies all day I would be a happy girl lol.

Early Valentine’s


So I’ve been meaning to post this since last weekend but it’s been crazy. I went to the China Buffet to get my sushi/Chinese fix and afterwards decided to go in Petco since it’s next door. I got Phoebe an early Valentine’s present which was a new pack of tennis balls and a pig. The pig is supposed to be chew proof so I bought it just to see bc Phoebe is pretty destructive when it comes to stuffed animals. So far she’s ripped a wing off and that’s it.



I got Franklin some sludge remover to keep his tank clean. They had one of those log ramps that you can stick to the side but I decided I would have to come back for that bc I couldn’t decide between a medium or a large.



Phoebe’s face when I started cleaning the grout again this past Saturday.



This girl and her tennis ball!!

Noticed this new Skinny Cow coffee drink near the milk when I was grocery shopping and it is delicious!!! Going to try the other favors asap!!

Phoebe snuggling with her pig.

Phoebe’s Tuesday face looks about as bad as her Monday face lol


Saw this and I just about died from laughter bc it’s so true! I stopped trying to clip Phoebe’s a long time ago.

It’s been raining most of the week but I managed to go running Monday and today. I started on week 2 of the c25k app.

I made like loaded fries and they were awesome!


I plan on making teriyaki pork chops this weekend and a croissant omelet casserole this weekend so stay tuned.