That Was A Bust!


So last June I was running 2.50 mi twice a week then my schedule got all messed up and I quit. I finally went running again a couple of months ago and I could only manage to run an 11 min mile, which just about killed me. Today I decide to start week 4 day 1 of C25K (run 3 min,walk, run 5min, repeat) since I knew I could run 11 min so surely I would be able to do this since there was walking in between….Negative!! I did half of the workout then I had to stop bc I my lungs were burning so bad and I was winded. I’m going to attempt week 3 day 1 on Friday instead since I’m so out of shape ha. I picked up some new colorful running socks today and ordered some new sports bra’s to help keep me motivated because I’ve got to get some of this weight off. Wish me luck!

After my failed attempt at running I took Phoebe for a walk. She was whining when I went to leave for my run because she thought she was getting to go so I felt bad.


This is her after our walk…

Ha she was so tired but didn’t want to let go of her ball.

After running a few other errands and cleaning a little bit we are finally bumming it up on the couch.


Franklin is hanging out too.





Here are some pictures of him eating…I was going to post a video but it won’t let me. I have seen other WordPress bloggers post videos so I know it can be done but I just haven’t figured it out yet.




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