Franklin’s New Tank


I got to Petsmart and I was a little disappointed because the 20 gallon tank on sale was the long one, which is bigger than the cart that I keep Franklin on. However Franklin really needed it and I wasn’t going home empty handed so I bought it anyways. I picked up a pretty cheap water filter as well.

I got Phoebe some Blue Buffalo Valentine’s treats and some new dog food. I got the Purina Beyond Tuna because I think Phoebe has a food allergy to chicken…it had no corn, wheat, soy or by products so fingers crossed.

Anyways back to Franklin….I couldn’t lift the tank once I got the water in it so I had to put the cart underneath the sink so I could push the tank onto the cart. I will have to maneuver that better next time I have to clean his tank.

He <3's it!! He has been swimming his little heart out and enjoying all his room.










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