As some of you may know I have the worst time trying to trick Phoebe into taking her Comfortis (flea pill)…. I have to split it and hide it in a pill pocket when she’s not in the room otherwise she will eat the pill pocket then spit the pill out. She’s too smart for her own good sometimes. It has gotten easier since she lost a few pounds and now takes the smaller pill. The last time I was in Petsmart I bought one of those food toppers thinking that I could just crush it and mix it in with that because Phoebe <3's wet food. I don't feed her wet food except when she had some teeth pulled 2 yrs. ago and she was pretty unhappy when I put her back on dry dog food. Anyways while she was eating her dry dog food this morning I split her flea pill then crushed it in her bowl once she was done eating her dry food and mixed it with the food topper.


And she gobbled it up as you can see from the pictures.


Then when she was done she kept running back to her bowl to make sure she didn’t miss any and then she started giving me pitiful looks like “Please mom can I have some more?”


On another note I finally tracked down a reasonably priced, fully inspected and tested Pentax Spotmatic film camera, which is what I learned to shoot on in college. It should be here next week and pumped doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now! I ❤ shooting on film…I feel like it's easier and you have to actually stop and think about what your doing because you don't have unlimited shots like digital. I actually miss the darkroom…well parts of it anyways because I definitely don't miss the prayer closet (where you roll your film onto the wheel in the dark and you pray it works so you can put it in the light tight canister and start developing). I don't know a much better feeling then looking at what turns out of a roll of film that you developed yourself. Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic lol.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.


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