Sunday Funday


As some of you may know Phoebe’s vet said that she needed to lose 3lbs
back in October so I finally got around to getting Phoebe on a regular walking schedule. We have been walking 1.30-1.69 mi a day and so far P has lost .6lbs. P and I decided not to walk today instead we opted for a day on the couch watching Netflix.

The vet recommended I cut back on her food but that was not an option since P already wakes me up at 5:30 am bc she’s ready to eat. I will keep you all posted on Operation Skinny Puglet.

I bought Phoebe some new balls and she destroyed it under a minute.

Then she aimed her destruction towards her raccoon.
I caught her red handed and she showed no remorse.

I picked up some cordial cherry filled Hershey kisses while I was looking for rolos for my xmas cookies and these things are amazing!


I finally got to try the bath fizz ball that my best friend recommended.


I had a little visitor



A few weeks ago I tried chicken vodka pasta and it was awesome. I saw that they had bottled vodka sauce so I decided to give it a try even though it was a different color than the kind I had at the restaurant. It’s pretty good if you’re in a hurry but I’m definitely going to test out a homemade recipe from Pinterest.



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