Tis The Season


I found this adorable penguin collar discounted at Petsmart while I was looking for pill pockets to trick the Phoebster into taking her flea pill (that’s another story) and I had to have it! The following photo shoot happened and as you can tell P was none to thrilled about it near the end ha.











Sunday Funday


As some of you may know Phoebe’s vet said that she needed to lose 3lbs
back in October so I finally got around to getting Phoebe on a regular walking schedule. We have been walking 1.30-1.69 mi a day and so far P has lost .6lbs. P and I decided not to walk today instead we opted for a day on the couch watching Netflix.

The vet recommended I cut back on her food but that was not an option since P already wakes me up at 5:30 am bc she’s ready to eat. I will keep you all posted on Operation Skinny Puglet.

I bought Phoebe some new balls and she destroyed it under a minute.

Then she aimed her destruction towards her raccoon.
I caught her red handed and she showed no remorse.

I picked up some cordial cherry filled Hershey kisses while I was looking for rolos for my xmas cookies and these things are amazing!


I finally got to try the bath fizz ball that my best friend recommended.


I had a little visitor



A few weeks ago I tried chicken vodka pasta and it was awesome. I saw that they had bottled vodka sauce so I decided to give it a try even though it was a different color than the kind I had at the restaurant. It’s pretty good if you’re in a hurry but I’m definitely going to test out a homemade recipe from Pinterest.