Wacky Wednesday


Well my morning started off to a good start…. A man stopped by my office for help and judging by all the pug stuff on my desk, he asked if I had one. I told him yes I did and showed him the picture of Phoebe that is on my desk and he said he had a 10 yr old black pug so we talked about our pugs for awhile until he left.

Then my day started to suck but it’s finally over so I get to come home to this face šŸ™‚IMG_4843.JPG

Someone got a little excited about the colder weather and decided to jump all over the couch!



Then she decided she was over it and burrowed under the blankets.




I really wish I could upload videos on this blog bc I would post this video of P tapping her foot but I guess just the picture of her will have to suffice.


Petco emailed me about doing a clay paw print this weekend but we will be out of town at my best friend Keely’s for her birthday. I told her we should take Phoebe and Pepper so we shall see.



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