Early Bird Gets The Worm


I woke up early this morning and decided to take Phoebe for a walk and I’m glad I did since it was raining when I got off work this afternoon. I used to get up an hour earlier every morning to work out, run or take Phoebe walking and I’m really trying to get back in that routine. It’s better for Phoebe to walk in the mornings especially during the summer because Mississippi heat and pugs do not mix. I always feel better when I’m active in the morning which leads to a more productive day and I’m so drained when I get off work that the last thing I want to do is work out. I just really hate waking up early in the morning and unfortunately I was exhausted all day today but I know I’ll thank myself later. Phoebe was pretty tired after our walk so I figured it was the best time to clean her ears and wrinkles…..I was right.


Phoebe was still tired this afternoon


And she let me know very quickly that she didn’t approve of me eating in front of her if I didn’t intend to share


On a different note I’m so sad to hear that Robin Williams died…We definitely lost a great actor.I grew up watching his movies and I was so pleased when I found out that he owned a pug named Leonard, which gave him lots of cool points in my book. I will never understand why people choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I’ve known too many people that have chosen the same path and it never gets any easier especially since it’s usually the people that you least expect. Obviously I don’t know Robin Williams personally or his situation but I hope he has found peace.



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