Another Day In Paradise


Well yesterday morning I made Banana Breakfast Cheesecakes and luckily it turned out although it didn’t look pretty.



See you’re supposed to make it in a muffin tin and I had conveniently thrown my muffin tin away a couple weeks ago because it was in bad shape. I decided to use a pie pan and hope for the best.

While my cheesecake was in the oven I got started on a Sea Salted Caramel Cafe Mocha Smoothie, which was amazing!



The cheesecake needed to chill for 3 hrs after baking so I decided I would wait to eat it. I read all day until it was time for dinner and I planned on making chicken piccata pasta until I realized that the chicken had to marinate overnight so I made Salmon Salad instead.


This morning I did some yard work while Phoebe supervised. Then she lounged while I finished my second library book….”Deadlocked” from the Sookie Stackhouse series.





Then I finally made the Chicken Picatta. It was a little salty probably because I used garlic powder in the pasta sauce instead of minced garlic but I used all my minced garlic for the marinade. It was still extremely delicious.


Now we are finishing Season 2 of “Hemlock Grove”, which I
found out is based on a novel by Brian McGreevy so that is now on my reading lost as well.


Then I’m going to get started on “The Van Alen Legacy”, which is the fourth book in the Blue Blood Series by Melissa De La Cruz.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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