Disaster weekend


Friday night the phoebster and I lounged around and watched Netflix while Franklin did some lounging of his own.



Saturday I cleaned all day since my parents were coming to visit. Afterwards Phoebe and I ran to the library to return a book and brought some recycling to the recycling center ( I only bring P on errands where she can go inside or stay in the car with the a/c running). About that time my parents showed up and Phoebe was so happy to see her nana and paw paw.






Phoebe also <3's her gator….it's the only toy she still has from when she was a puppy.

Sunday my dad and I worked in my yard all day while Phoebe supervised of course.




My mom painted my door and my dad patched the hole my brother put in my wall.



So I made a makeshift barricade….Phoebe didn’t approve.



Then disaster struck! I was washing clothes when the toilets started gurgling then we found water all over my bathroom floor! We kept flushing the toilets and they appeared to be fine but I borrowed a snake from my friends anyways. Then I started washing clothes again and my bathroom flooded again. We used the snake this morning with no such luck so I had to call a plumber…..apparently tree roots grew into my sewage line,which stopped it up. He fixed the problem but said the roots could possibly grow back. I’m a huge germaphobe so I bleached every inch of my house until you could just about pass out from the fumes ha.

I’m so thankful that my parents were here because I probably would have had a nervous breakdown otherwise. Phoebe is definitely worn out from all the excitement this weekend as am I .



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