Proud Pug Mom


Phoebe has been scratching at her ears and wrinkles so you know what that means?! Yep it’s time to clean her ears and wrinkles, which she absolutely hates! I broke out the cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, wrinkle wipes and treats. Much to my surprise Phoebe was actually cooperative…..I guess she FINALLY figured out the less she fought the quicker she would get treats ha. I was so proud of her 🙂

This lady saw all my pug stuff when she came into my office today and told me how she had several pugs over the years. She said “once you have had a pug you become addicted” and I said “Exactly! I’m like the crazy pug lady over here” ha. It’s nice when someone else understands the power these little creatures wield over their humans.


Franklin and Phoebe are so happy that it’s Friday.


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