Throwback Thursday #5




Under The Weather


My allergies (or I’m coming down with a cold) were killing me today so I left work early hoping some rest would help me feel better. The phoebster has been by my side all day.



I think it’s time to clean someone’s ears again.


Phoebe doesn’t think that reading is part of the get well routine.


Btw I’m currently reading “Dead Ever After” in the Sookie Stackhouse Series. I’m so sad that the “True Blood” is over! I enjoyed reading the books along with the series even though the tv series strayed from the books awhile ago. I always get a little depressed when I finish a book or tv series especially long ones because you get so attached to the characters as well as the story…maybe it’s just me idk.

Throwback Thursday #4


Phoebe and my brother’s pitbull Kane

I made Brunch Enchiladas and they are so good…..they better be since I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. to let them sit before baking them lol.



I also made Queso Blanco Dip with spinach and it tastes just like the queso at the mexican restaurants except it has spinach…..that makes it healthy right?!



Phoebe really wanted to try some too!



Will’s Bday Weekend


I knew we were going to the lake for Will’s birthday so I decided to see if Phoebe’s life jacket still fit her. She hasn’t worn it since her first canoeing trip which has been over a year ago.



Needless to say it doesn’t fit but it was going to have to work.

Traffic was awful on our way to Keely and Will’s

Phoebe actually woke up from her nap thinking we had arrived at out destination.

She had fun hanging out with her Uncle Will.




Keely and I slipped away to get some dinner and yummy ice cream since Will wasn’t feeling well.

(Jamocha almond fudge and Oreo salty)

We had ice cream before dinner since Quiznos decided to close early, then we tried Burger King but their computer system was down, McDonald’s was packed as was Taco Bell so we went to Wendy’s. They were busy but we weren’t going anywhere else. Let’s just say our charred burgers were not worth the wait.

Phoebe almost missed going to the lake (she probly wished she had lol) because she ran out the door when her Aunt Keely had the door open and ran to the road when she saw I was trying to get her leash on her. When I got her leash on her collar slid off. Luckily there weren’t any cars coming so everything worked out. I thought she had gotten away from me at the lake too….I thought our friend Angie had her while I was getting out of the water but she didn’t. Phoebe had walked to the deck where the food and everyone else were. She actually ran to me when she saw I had her leash though which was surprising. Phoebe never gets to go anywhere without a leash (unless it’s fenced in) after she ran off for 5 hrs when she was a puppy with my dad’s dog Star. She also ran off Halloween 2 yrs ago when I was passing out candy…I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy chasing my pug in a crocodile costume down the street. She has slipped out a couple of other times when the door has been open. The only way you can catch her is to crank up the car so she thinks she’s going for a car ride because she won’t let you pick her up.

We had so much fun at the lake…. except Phoebe because she was terrified of the water. You would think a dog that <3's baths would like swimming. She was ok once she was on the raft and figured out I wasn't going to let her drown lol. I wish I could have got a picture of the sheer terror on her face while she was doggy paddling…for a whopping 15 seconds. Phoebe broke my favorite necklace and scratched my whole upper body with her flailing….she's lucky she's so cute. She did enjoy the boat ride however. P's cousin Pepper <3's the water however and he just darted off the deck into the water.



Angie and Don came with snacks then Will’s family came so it was lots of fun. There was skiing, wake boarding and riding in the paddle boat for all. They were going to cook hamburgers and hot dogs but unfortunately P and I had to drive back before then 😦

Keely said Will ended up getting stung 7 times by a wasp after we left! Food poisoning and getting stung on your birthday…..I’m sure it will be a birthday Will never forgets.

Phoebe had to have a bath when we got home since she smelled like a wet dog but she wasn’t having it! She was like “nope I’ve had enough of the water today mom!” She got a bath anyways lol.

I’m definitely going to get her a bigger life jacket and try to bring her on more water adventures so she won’t be so scared.

Early Bird Gets The Worm


I woke up early this morning and decided to take Phoebe for a walk and I’m glad I did since it was raining when I got off work this afternoon. I used to get up an hour earlier every morning to work out, run or take Phoebe walking and I’m really trying to get back in that routine. It’s better for Phoebe to walk in the mornings especially during the summer because Mississippi heat and pugs do not mix. I always feel better when I’m active in the morning which leads to a more productive day and I’m so drained when I get off work that the last thing I want to do is work out. I just really hate waking up early in the morning and unfortunately I was exhausted all day today but I know I’ll thank myself later. Phoebe was pretty tired after our walk so I figured it was the best time to clean her ears and wrinkles…..I was right.


Phoebe was still tired this afternoon


And she let me know very quickly that she didn’t approve of me eating in front of her if I didn’t intend to share


On a different note I’m so sad to hear that Robin Williams died…We definitely lost a great actor.I grew up watching his movies and I was so pleased when I found out that he owned a pug named Leonard, which gave him lots of cool points in my book. I will never understand why people choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I’ve known too many people that have chosen the same path and it never gets any easier especially since it’s usually the people that you least expect. Obviously I don’t know Robin Williams personally or his situation but I hope he has found peace.


Another Day In Paradise


Well yesterday morning I made Banana Breakfast Cheesecakes and luckily it turned out although it didn’t look pretty.



See you’re supposed to make it in a muffin tin and I had conveniently thrown my muffin tin away a couple weeks ago because it was in bad shape. I decided to use a pie pan and hope for the best.

While my cheesecake was in the oven I got started on a Sea Salted Caramel Cafe Mocha Smoothie, which was amazing!



The cheesecake needed to chill for 3 hrs after baking so I decided I would wait to eat it. I read all day until it was time for dinner and I planned on making chicken piccata pasta until I realized that the chicken had to marinate overnight so I made Salmon Salad instead.


This morning I did some yard work while Phoebe supervised. Then she lounged while I finished my second library book….”Deadlocked” from the Sookie Stackhouse series.





Then I finally made the Chicken Picatta. It was a little salty probably because I used garlic powder in the pasta sauce instead of minced garlic but I used all my minced garlic for the marinade. It was still extremely delicious.


Now we are finishing Season 2 of “Hemlock Grove”, which I
found out is based on a novel by Brian McGreevy so that is now on my reading lost as well.


Then I’m going to get started on “The Van Alen Legacy”, which is the fourth book in the Blue Blood Series by Melissa De La Cruz.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.