Dog park


Mr. Franklin has been more than happy to pose for pictures these past few days, which is kind of unusual.





My best friend sent this story to me
and I figured I would share it.


What is is Phoebe up to? What she does best….


In a couple days we will find out if our city will get a dog park! I can’t wait! I have to admit I get jealous when I read other pug blogs and they get to go to these awesome dog parks. The animal shelter already has the land to build one but they needed funding so they entered a contest that would give the nominated city with the most votes grant money for a dog park. They’ve really been stepping it up lately, which makes me proud to be part of a community that cares so much for animals. The other animal shelter in town took part in Rachael Ray’s Save 100 Challenge and has been transporting animals to northern animal shelters so they will have a better chance at being adopted. They worked out an agreement with barkbox where you use a promo code to receive a discounted subscription then barkbox gives them $15 for ever subscription. Also they’ve been selling t-shirts and license plates.

I tried a new recipe called Salt and Pepper Porkchops . You are supposed to use pork loins but I used pork steaks. Also you are supposed to cook them in vegetable oil, which I didn’t because I put them in my slow cooker. As a result it was more like salt and pepper shredded pork so I just used it to make a sandwich but it was still delicious. The marinade was simple: soy sauce, cornstarch, pepper, sugar and salt.



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