Food For Thought


National Geographic posted this article and I thought I would share it because I thought it was interesting.

Phoebe is pretty jealous, which is why I debate on whether or not I should get a second pug eventually. I can’t afford another one right now and I know it would make a few things a little more difficult (traveling, walks in the neighborhood, etc) but I still think it would be nice to have my little pug pack as I like to refer to it one day. Phoebe gets along well with other dogs so she would enjoy having a playmate but I think that when she realized that the other dog was staying and she would have to share the bed then she wouldn’t be happy about it. I see in other blogs that have multiple pugs that they adjust eventually but I just wouldn’t want to do anything to make Phoebe unhappy. My friend posted on FB that his dad is looking for a home for a pug today ironically, which made me re-visit the topic.

I also saw an article about a company that is building houses with amenities for dogs.

I’m very sad the weekend is almost over but we did have a quiet Sunday, which is always good.





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