Catch Up


Sunday-Phoebe got lots of treats

I finally found the FrostyPaws treats that I saw on Pinterest so I had to get them. Phoebe really enjoyed it but unfortunately she got sick shortly after eating one probably since we had just finished playing fetch (Mississippi heat is no joke). I’m going to give them another try but if she gets sick again I won’t give her another one. The Nylabone and the Pet Head watermelon shampoo were a success!


Wednesday- Phoebe received a VS mini dog today





Phoebe said

It’s mine!

Today- I slept past my 1st alarm, spilled my coffee creamer all over the floor then Phoebe decided she wasn’t going to take her Comfortis (flea pill) when she normally takes it without a fuss….anything edible usually makes her happy. This was within the first 15 min of me waking up so needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper. I went to the Vet’s office on my lunch break to get Phoebe’s Heartguard and some pill pockets for her Comfortis bc she was going to take it whether she liked it or not! I managed to trick her but only bc I waited until she left the room to fix the pill pockets then when she came back I acted like I had just got them out of the bag (she’s too smart for her own good sometimes). I managed to leave my debit card on the counter at the Vet’s office and luckily they called me before someone picked it up. I’m so glad the work day is over and now I get to relax with my pug 🙂


Today wore her out too ha.

I’m going to try to keep up with my post so I won’t have anymore excruciatingly long catch up post like this one. Thanks for reading.


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